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9 Best Star Trek Accessories For Your Home

'Just before they went into warp, I beamed the whole kit and kaboodle into their engine room'.

The trouble with table lamps is they’re just so 20th century. Your kitchen has no replicators, your living room is devoid of a holodeck and your bathroom is missing the all-important sonic shower (although unlike the Enterprise, it does have a toilet). That doesn’t mean you can’t decorate your humble abode with our nine nifty Star Trek accessories we’ve curated.

1. Star Trek: Rock Mood Light

Available on Forbidden Planet Available on Amazon

There’s an old trick in Star Trek whenever they need light or heat. Target a rock. It’s also the same tactic they use when demolishing a rock so we’ll possibly leave the physics to one side.

Sulu Heating Rock
Feeling the chill, Sulu is forced to find comfort in a rock.

It stems from an episode of the Original Series “The Enemy Within”. To jog your memory, it’s a Sulu episode set on the planet Alfa 177. That’s the one with the alien dog – essentially an earth dog with a horn glued onto its head. Despite being habitable (and predictably dangerous), the nighttime temperature would drop to 120° below zero. That’s cold.

To survive, Mr Sulu uses his phaser to heat a rock. It works (spoiler: he lives). Hoorah.

Although no actual phaser is required for this little mood light, it does work with a phaser remote control. This mood light is beautifullyThe Wand Company Star Trek Rock Mood Light constructed (and hand painted). Fire the phaser, it lights up. Stop firing and it slowly dims.

There’s an atmosphere mode which when activated becomes much more self-sufficient. Producing a range of multi-colour effects and ambience. It’s calming, it’s visual, it’s geek. This is a great addition to the Star Trek accessories range for your house, particularly for rooms at night.

2. Original Series: Universal Remote Control: Phaser

Available on Forbidden Planet Available on Amazon

No words can describe the geek ranking this delivers – but as this is a written article – I shall try. It’s a remote control. It’s a phaser. Stun your TV, kill your playlists on an ipod/iphone dock, blast your blu-ray player. Now, in this The Wand Company Star Trek The Original Series Phaser Remote Control technologically advanced age of apps and TV sticks and ipads the idea of a remote may seem a little old school – but if you’re a straight up TV lover – this could be for you.

The remote, made by Magic Wand, comprises of two phaser types.Firstly a small, hand-held Type I Phaser which slots into a larger Type II Phaser body with a removable pistol-grip.

There are eighteen different sound effects and, if you live with others who don’t appreciate your daily Trek awesomeness, a silence setting. Silence for the phaser we mean, not your co-habitants.

This is a gorgeous, well detailed 1:1 replica with a starbase load of features. It’s not when to get one… it’s why haven’t you got one already?! You can probably detect our excitement on your sensors.

3. Star Trek Chopping Board

Available on Amazon

Unfortunately, we live in an age when replicators still aren’t a thing. That leaves two main options if you want to eat STAR TREK FAN TREKKIE CHOPPING CUTTING CHEESE BOARD PLACE MAT GIFT PRESENT at home. A cheerful Deliveroo driver or the ancient craft of cooking.

Cooking is one of those life skills I never learned to do very well, I could blame the anticipation of replicators – alas bone-idleness was the main culprit.

The board comes in three different sizes on high quality hard wood. It’s engraved and includes the Starfleet insignia and the Enterprise (original) on the face.

4. Mister Spuck Rubber Duck

Available on Amazon

If you are a shower only household, probably best to just skip this one. If however, you have the luxury of a bathtub Locomocean Mister Spuck/Star Trek/Rubber Duck/Light Up Colour Changing LED this may be the perfect addition to your bathroom. Sadly, they don’t seem to own these on the Enterprise and if you are a fan of TNG – you’ll notice they seemed to spend a lot of time in bathtubs (despite the infinitely more convenient sonic showers).

I’m not sure under what Brekka inspired Felicium fuelled high the creators were feeling when they designed this – but I’m glad they did. Mr Spuck (for it is he!) not only looks great, but lights up when he comes into contact with water.

5. The Ultimate Computer Canvas Print

Amazon [Canvas] Amazon [Framed Print]

Let’s start with the elephant in the room here. There are a ton of ton of prints and posters for Star Trek out there. And although a Star Trek large poster of Picard, the Enterprise or a Betazoid wedding (okay I made the last one up) may seem like a great idea, there’s a difference between having a balanced living environment and looking like Wesley Crusher’s Starfleet academy dorm room. I’ve seen people make this look work, but there will be more people put off by it than not.

While researching this article – I looked for a lot of framed and canvas pictures (there are galaxy class amounts out there) with that exact thought in mind. Then I came acrossStar Trek: The Art of Juan Ortiz these amazing prints. Commissioned by CBS and created by Juan Oritz. Oritz has quite a dab hand at recreating classic sci-fi in the style of 60s movie posters, comic books, pulp novel covers and blacklight posters. The work done on Lost in Space was wonderful and a lot of the comic book artist and animator’s Star Trek work can be found in the books Star Trek: The Art of Juan Ortiz and Star Trek The Next Generation: The Art of Juan Ortiz.

And the output by Oritz is amazing. Truly excellent and unique designs for any living room, hallway and bedroom without coming anywhere near tacky. There’s a few of these prints and framed pictures available. I chose the Ultimate Computer for no other reason than I loved it. If not for you, check out Balance of Terror or the similarly styled Trouble with Tribbles.

6. Captain Kirk Apron

Available on Amazon

What geek BBQ or dinner party would not be complete without a Captain Kirk apron? Okay, it may never be as ICUP Star Trek - Captain Kirk be The Character Adult Size 100% Cotton Adjustable Black Apron mainstream as the “complements to the chef” or busty nude art aprons guests tend to roll their eyes at – but for Trek fans, this is the real winner.

This next item in out list of Star Trek accessories is this uniformed apron. It’s made of cotton, adult sized and adjustable. Feel free to concoct your own puns about this when the time comes.

7. Original Series Fine Art Shot Glasses

Available on Amazon

“Here’s to the finest crew in Starfleet” you cry as you all toast then down that latest bottle of smuggled Romulan ale Star Trek: TOS Fine Art Shot Glasses, Set of 4 (authors note: we do not endorse the illegal import of this beverage). Perhaps just stick to a good old Saurian Brandy.

This set of four follows the same 60’s pulp art we saw in the Ultimate Computer canvas art – and they’re cool. Four classic Original Series episodes printed on these two ounce glasses. Episodes include ‘Mirror Mirror’ and ‘Wolf in the Fold’. Bottoms up!

8. Star Trek The Next Generation: Ice Cube Tray

Amazon [Starfleet] Amazon [Borg]

“It’s very cold in space” and in your freezer. This silicone ice-cube tray makes ice (or chocolate or jelly) in the shape of the Diamond Select Toys Star Trek: The Next Generation: Borg Cube Silicone Ice Cube Tray Enterprise D and the Federation insignia.

Cool in every sense of the word, these will make a great addition for a hot summers day or a party. If the Enterprise ain’t your bag, browse around for other variations of ice-cube trays. We even spotted a Borg cube one out there (pictured right).

9.ThinkGeek Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter

Available on Amazon

We’ve already reviewed this nifty die-cast delight elsewhere on this site, but it is the perfect addition to your kitchen. ThinkGeek Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter A replication (not actual size, obviously) of the original NCC-1701 Enterprise.

The Thinkgeek pizza cutter measures around 8 and a 1/2 inches with a 4-inch dia wheel for cutting.

The pizza cutter’s wheel (or saucer section) is marked USS Enterprise NCC-1701. The material is made of a solid zinc-alloy with a chromium-plated body. Slicing pizza will be so much easier than the old days of Bat’leth chopping the pizza (and table) in half.

That’s it from our curated collection of the best Star Trek accessories for pimping out your home. It’s been a fun list to curate. We also found a few less than wonderful items out there that would make Lwaxana Troi cringe. If you have any of these or alternative suggestions – let us know by commenting below or on our Facebook page.

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