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Eaglemoss Starships Collection – Deep Space Nine

'Bloody Cardassians! I just got the damned thing fixed.'

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Although a lot grew to love Deep Space Nine, many felt it didn’t know what it was. What began as a moralistic tale of life in space (and a lot of mysticism with sprinklings of Kardashian Cardassian pomposity) morphed into a tale of a shopping centre in space. Star Trek Starships Collection Special Deep Space 9 Feeling this was a little… slow, they ramped it up with the Founders / Jem’Hadar story – drugged up aliens and their sociopathic liquid masters. Cut to the Klingons, a beefed up space-station, more fighting and ships and bang boom bong. Then finally a crescendo of life lessons, climax and otherworldliness that wouldn’t look amiss in a David Lynch movie

Others just thought it was awesome and will be grinding their tooth-sharpened Ferengi dentures at my above assessment.

But what pinned this show together was the space station itself. Formally Terok Nor, a mining and refinery station over Bajor, it undertook new management and became a haven of shops, families, adventure and ludicrously implausible sub-plots.

Eaglemoss Deep Space Nine

Now onto the Eaglemoss Deep Space Nine model, a faithful and detailed replica of the actual DS9. When we say actual, we don’t mean actual actual – because that would never fit in your living room – just thought I’d point that out. Eaglemoss have a great reputation on the market for Star Trek models and collectables. This is part of their Starships collections which includes a whole range of Star Trek geekiness for you to get hold of.

Star Trek Deep Space Nine Eaglemoss
Before I continue – this is not a model you build. It’s already assembled. Models which have to be lovingly glued together are something people run to or avoid. For most it means glueing the wrong bits to the other wrong bits, losing pieces and becoming so frustrated you stamp on the thing until it’s a broken mess of plastic which is now firmly glued to the carpet. Anyway, this is not that.

This Eaglemoss Deep Space Nine die-cast metal model stands 14 cm across and stands 9.2 cm tall. Fine detail was achieved on this hand-painted model by scrutinising the original designs used in the show. It’s surprisingly heavy for a model of its size and the attention to detail is superb.

It’s a great model, albeit a little clean. I know I’m nitpicking here but I always imagine DS9 to be a dirty, grimy place. As a former refinery, it’s a scarred place with a story to tell. But that’s it really, I can’t pick fault in this. It’s a great addition to any collection.

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Review overview


A beautifully constructed replica of DS9.


  • Die cast metal gives it weight
  • Well detailed
  • Looks great


  • Too clean!
  • Makes a poor frisbee.

Ratings in depth

  • Design
  • Geek Factor
  • Presentation
9.2 10 Very good

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